Genias Benelux

Company name: Genias Benelux (The Netherlands)


Projects: Contrail

Genias Benelux is a computer consultancy and software company, providing solutions, project management and implementation services. The areas of expertise range from High Performance and Grid Computing to XML software.

In Grid and HPC computing, the activities of Genias are centered around EnterTheGrid is a main information service on Grid Computing and High Performance Computing (HPC) and e-Infrastructures in Europe. It pro- vides a comprehensive range of services including the largest directory on Grid computing in the world, Grid computing and analysis, and the largest Grid computing and HPCN news source in he world: EnterTheGrid Primeur magazine. At the core of the EnterTheGrid services is its database on Grid computing containing information on all projects, companies and products in the world. EnterTheGrid Primeur Magazine provides a weekly update directly to people's email boxes, and provides live coverage from major events. The information servers maintained by Genias attract about 50.000 different visitors each month, from all over the world. Also, Genias is a founding partner of AlmereGrid. Genias also publishes the Virtual Medical Worlds Magazine, a magazine on telemedicine, virtual surgery and enabling technologies such as HPCN, virtual reality and large database technology.

Some of the earlier European projects that Genias did participated in are: HoiseNM, WebSET, IERAPSI, Eroppa, Dynamite and EIRGSP. WebSET has also produced a set of standardised medical e-learning objects and a complete e-learning environment. The objective of EROPPA was to design, implement and test remote access for Post Production Companies to 3D graphics applications running on High Performance Computer Centers. The European project Dynamite (Dynamic PVM) aimed to provide the software and the method to let workstations work inter- actively when needed and to use their spare CPU time for massively parallel computing tasks. To realise this, the workstations had to be monitored constantly and every change in workload would have to result in a different distribution of the computer tasks at hand. EIRGSP is the support project for the e-Infrastructure reflection Group (e-IRG). Genias produced the knowledge base: for this project. Genias Benelux bv is also involved in the e-IRGSP3 project that is the follow on project to e-IRGSP and e-IRGSP3.


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