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Terms of Use Agreement

The hereby Terms of Use rule out any and every access, visualization, copy, download or any other use of any and all content from the present website, doc.petalslink.com.
This website, doc.petalslink.com, is published by EBM WEBSOURCING, holder of the "Petals Link", "Petals" and associated registered trademarks and logos.

Please read carefully these Terms of Use, together with the Contributor Guidelines.

By accessing, viewing, downloading, copying or using in any other way the content of this website, you (hereafter "the User") hereby recognize and agree to comply to the present Terms of Use and Contributor Guidelines.

If you cannot agree to these rules, please cease visiting this Website.


Website: means all content directly hosted and accessible on this website associated to the doc.petalslink.com domain name. Are excluded any and all external content, including content excerpt reproduced on this website.
User: represents any people browsing the Website and using its content in any way. Can be distinguished between Anonymous User and Registered User.
Anonymous User: User browsing the Website without having registered and/or having authenticated him/herself on the Website.
Registered User: User who registered him/herself on the Website and who is authenticated him/herself while browsing the Website.
Public content: content published on this Website, accessible to anyone browsing by any mean, without needing authentication.
Private content: Content with restricted access (needing prealable authentication with User's username on this website).

Using Website's Content


EBM WEBSOURCING doesn't warrant for the exactitude, legality, honesty or quality of the informations (as data, texts, softwares, sounds and videos, images, messages) one can find in the present Site. None of these informations shall ever be deemed contractual/official.

EBM Websourcing has the right to correct, modify, change access restrictions, license appliable or remove any content at anytime. EBM Websourcing is not responsible for legality, reliability or quality of informations coming from third party websites and linked in this website.

EBM Websourcing shall not be responsible for any damage of any kind, that could result directly or indirectly of the use of this website.

Intellectual property

Public content (available to anyone)

Each and every constitutive element of this website are owned by their respective authors. Unless expressly stated otherwise, any and all content published and accessible to User(s) without authentication are deemed published under the terms of the Creative Commons license CC-by-nc-nd.

Private content (available only to Registered Users)

Content with restricted access (needing prealable authentication with User's username on this website) are deemed private and confidential. Unless expressly stated otherwise, EBM Websourcing grants the User a right to view, copy and use the content in restricted area for his personal, non-commercial Use. Every others rights (including distribution, modification, translation, and any other use in a commercial intent) are reserved by EBM Websourcing.

Logos and trademarks

Every trademark and logo are property of their respective owners, the User is sole responsible for their unauthorized Use.
EBM Websourcing is the rightful owner of Petals, Petals Link and associated registered trademarks and logos. User is not allowed to use the logo or its likeness as a company logo or for any other purpose without permission from EBM Websourcing.
User is allowed to use any of the logos owned by EBM Websourcing in a fair use, broadly defined as: "to the benefit of the Petals community at large, and not an individual or company in particular". Some examples of fair use would include promotion of a Petals product, (re)production of documentation or promotional material, illustrating an article, as long as the User doesn't gain any profit from it.

The User is authorized to use Petals products logos in connection with your fair use rights, but is prohibited to change it in any way.
In case of a doubt, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Contributing to Website's content

Upon registering on this website, the User gains access to new features and website content, notably ongoing documentation and comments's writing access. By browsing any restricted content area or using any of the feature provided to registered Users, the User agrees to comply with the following dispositions, and put his/her best efforts to follow the recommandations of the [Contributor Guidelines].

Rules of writing

Each and every comment, note or other content must comply with laws relating to freedom of speech, privacy, and non-discrimination. The User warrants EBM Websourcing against any litigation or legal penalty originated by User's contribution. The User understands and agrees that EBM Websourcing can edit or remove User's Contribution, in case it may generate a legal issue.
The contributing User will make its best effort to follow the hereunder recommandations:

  • write in literal english (no SMS);
  • use and abuse of the preview feature to check their contribution before saving, to avoid useless versioning;
  • respect other people's contributions;
  • follow the tips and good practices described in [Writing content] guide.

User's contributions and intellectual property

By contributing in any way to the content of doc.petalslink.com, the User agrees to grant EBM WEBSOURCING company a non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide right to reproduce, represent, adapt and use his contributions in any way and on any support.

EBM Websourcing grants the Registered User the right to modify this website's content, with respect to present Terms of Use, and publish it back on the present website.


The User understands that content non accessible without authentication is deemed confidential. As such, the User warrants he/she won't disclose such content to any third party, without prior EBM Websourcing's authorization.


Upon registration, the User may give personal informations to EBM Websourcing, such as name, email or address. Any and all information provided by the User can be collected and used by EBM Websourcing. EBM Websourcing warrants that these informations won't be transmitted to any third party, unless EBM Websourcing is under legal obligation to do so, or unless it is strictly necessary to answer a User's comment or question.

The User accepts that EBM Websourcing sends him information emails, on a distant basis (not more than one every several months).

In conformity with French law of January 6th, 1978, the User has a right to access, modify and oppose to its personal informations stored by EBM Websourcing. To use this right, please send and email with your request at legal@petalslink.com, or by letter at the address: EBM Websourcing, 4 rue Amélie, 31200 Toulouse, France.

General dispositions

EBM Websourcing reserves the right to suspend website access at any time and for any reason. EBM Websourcing has the right to change, add or remove any part of the present Terms of Use. The new conditions will be appliable on next visit of the User.
The User warrants and will indemnify EBM Websourcing against any use of the website that would violate the present Terms of Use.

Relationships between the User and EBM Websourcing, born from the present Terms of Use, are ruled by French Law. In case of a disagreement, and if no conciliation can be found, any litigation shall be resolved by the Court of Toulouse.

Should any provision of these Terms of Use become invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms of Use. In such a case, EBM Websourcing and the User shall be entitled to request that a valid and practicable provision be negotiated which fulfils the purpose of the original provision.

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