Company name: University of Ioannina

Website: http://www.uoi.gr/gr/

Projects: CHOReOS

The  UoI includes 17 academic Departments which altogether number 550 faculty Members of Academic Staff, 13,523 undergraduate students and more than 3,500 graduate students. The Distributed Data Management Laboratory (DMOD) is a laboratory operating in the context of the Department of Computer Science that performs research on various topics in distributed systems, software engineering, databases and management of data in general, parallel processing and visualization of data. In the Software Engineering  area, DMOD is focused in  the fields of software architecture and middleware. In the field of software architecture emphasis is placed on design, evolution and quality analysis methods, while in the area of middleware the focus is on pervasive and service-oriented computing. DMOD participates in several national  and European projects and cooperates with a large number of research groups and distinguished researchers worldwide.


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